One Town. One Business, One Ugly-Ass Logo

In a moment of blunt realization the other day, akin to realizing your parents know absolutely nothing more about life than you do, we realized that there are some really, really ugly logos out there. The nausea accompanying our complete loss of innocence was quickly replaced with a profound desire to help those less fortunate than us.

So, we gathered up our esteemed intern corps and sent them out on a citywide dragnet in search of the ugliest logos in all of Philadelphia. Please don't feel bad, we know designing a logo can be hard. But designing a logo that looks like it would have more trouble getting a date than Frankenstein takes some serious effort. We hope you guys made these on Etch-a-Sketches because we would seriously have a communal brain aneurism if we found out you paid someone to make your business look like... what's the word we're looking for? Oh yeah, ASS.

We feel so bad for you that we have decided to hold a contest to determine which of your logos is the absolute worst in Philadelphia. Then we are going to design the winner a new logo for FREE. Pretty cool huh? It's sort of like winning the lottery if the lottery is plastic surgery and you are Cher's kid in that movie Mask.